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Winding / Elements are produced in Air Conditioned, dust free humidity controlled winding room. These capacitors are manufactured out trilayer Metallised Polypropylene Film with Heavy / Reinforced Edges: to provide excellent bonding between the electrode and end spray. heavy edge has high current carrying capacity and withstands electromechanical stresses caused by switching surges better.


When a breakdown occurs at a weak point in the dielectric, an arc is struck between two adjacent metal coating. The metal coating in the immediate vicinity of the puncture evaporates very quickly and, in doing so, extends the length of the arc. Both the impregnating agent and a tiny part of the dielectric also decompose in this arc, and a zone of high gas-pressure is formed , which forces the metal vapor away from the surface of the coating thus preventing condensation in the immediate vicinity of the puncture .

This rise in pressure and the rapid increase in the length of the arc cause fat de-ionization at the point of puncture ,ensuring that the short-circuit current is generally interrupted within 5-10 microseconds irrespective of the amount of energy which is available . Apart from a small puncture no other damage occurs to the dielectric whatsoever and owing to the metal-free zones which form, in the immediate vicinity of the puncture , the insulation level of the dielectric of the capacitor then remains fully serviceable after one or even more such “self Healings” 

Testing Laboratory

Testing facilities for conducting all routine test as per relevant BIS Specification are available Falcon has installed a fully automatic Testing System to test Capacitors up to 880 VAC between terminals, Capacitance and Tandelta. All these Tests are carried through Automised Process there by eliminating human error and achieving 'o' defect product.

In addition, the following types tests are carried out at our works.
...Tests for capacitor Losses.
...Thermal stability Test.
...Endurance Test.

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