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Falcon Capacitor

Best Engineering

Our high-end capacitors are manufactured by experts with decades of experience focused on creating performance oriented products .

Research ‘n’ Development

Continuously upgrading and updating to match up with ever-growing technology.

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Super fast delivery across globe, shipping a wide range of capacitors in no time.

We are delivering a wide range of excellently manufactured capacitors across the globe. Offering high-end Fan Capacitors, Oil Filled Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Submersible Panel Accessories, and more.

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With over 25 years of experience, Falcon Capacitor delivers premium high-end capacitors across the UAE. Each Fan Capacitor goes...

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FALCON has ruled the Innovation of Assembling oil filled fan capacitors and has over 25 years of inclusion with...

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FALCON has over 25 years of involvement with assembling capacitors for Lighting applications. Throughout the long-term FALCON has constantly...

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  Electrolytic Motorstart Capacitors from Falcon Capacitors are built to last. Used for motor starting torque and allows a...

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A capacitor connected in parallel to a load or supply point is a shunt capacitor. Shunt capacitors are extensively...

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FALCON Dual Capacitors are made after wide Research and Development. Our gathering has inspected electrical credits of Dual Capacitors...

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FALCON has over 25 years of involvement with assembling capacitors for Fan applications. FALCON Fan Capacitors are generally known...

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